Dear Leaders of the European Union

Dear Leaders of the European Union,


Congratulations! Your place in history is all but guaranteed. You shall be remembered forever as the generation which brought the most magnificent project in all of human history to ruin. Your names shall be remembered not along the great conquerors, diplomats, and peace-makers of history but rather for your extraordinary ability to not do anything.


You successfully took us right into an economic crisis. And what did you do? After spending more time on a plan than was required to form some countries, you came back with a one-size-fits-all “solution”, which you could only enforce by pushing countries even deeper into the hole they were already in.


After the economic crisis, you were faced with the migrant crisis. Considering that you must have been informed by your various intelligence agencies that this was going to happen, you spent years planning a response, yet now we are facing the de-facto destruction of Schengen, one of the pillars of the European Union.


While you sit in your sessions, overly diplomatic, careful not to say anything which could cost you your seat in the next election, you seem to be oblivious to the fact that your inaction is giving steam to the rise of the very mentalities the European Union was intended to prevent ever coming into power again.


I am a proud citizen of the European Union and my dream is to hear the Ode to Joy play as the flag of a truly federalized European Union is being raised. And I am not alone!


You, however, have let that dream all but vanish. Not because you think it would be better to abandon the idea of the European Union, and not because there are external powers which would prevent you from realizing it, but simply because you are too afraid to do what needs to be done.


You are at the crossroads.


You can either choose to be remembered as the spineless generation which was too neutered by living much of their lives in historically unprecedented prosperity to be able to make a real decision, and let the European Union die a miserable death it most certainly does not deserve.


Or you can make a decision. Even with all my love for the idea of a truly unified European Union, at this point, I do not even care anymore which way you decide to go. But for the sake of all the people who put their trust in you, either make the European Union truly united or cut off its head with a single stroke. Give it the death it deserves, before it is consumed and torn apart by the virus that is not Islamic, but rather both left- and right-wing radicalism, which are rearing their ugly heads again.


No matter what you do, half the people – your opposition – will always speak badly of you. But you can still be remembered as the generation that did what had to be done, no matter how unpleasant, thereby saving the people it was supposed to lead.


Your choice. But remember, my generation will remember what yours did… or did not do.


Your Employer

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