Message to Women on the 8th of March

March 8th – The day, when everyone can honestly say that we wish to all women that they become subjects that act instead of objects that are acted upon in this society as fast as possible.

Whether or not you pick up the gauntlet of that challenge, stand on your own two legs, and show the world, what you are capable of, is on you, though.

You have a choice to make.

You can keep your head bent in submission behind the imaginary shield of those who are constantly repeating all the things you supposedly cannot do.

Or you can raise your eyes, hold your chin high, step to the front line and show the whole world what you are capable of.

I was raised by a single mother. She graduated from university as a single mother, she took care of me while working as a single mother, and she still managed as a working single mother to raise me to be successful. She did not achieve this by hiding behind the imaginary shield of her not being able to do something, because she is a woman. She nuked that shield right out of existence and gave me everything I needed to be where I am today, and much more.

This is what real women who choose to be subjects and not objects do.

This is how real women who do not consider themselves victims of the world but rather conquerors of it act.

This is what real women are like.

And to all those girls and women who still have not found the way, it is my hope that you find your mentor soon.

A mentor who can show you by example that the glass ceiling is just that, glass, an illusion that it can be shattered with the right determination.

A mentor who treats you like a warrior who can handle herself confidently and successfully, not like a scared Bambi, who needs protection from the big bad world.

Because that is what you are. You are a warrior with a steel spiked mace, who can obliterate the glass ceiling, glass walls, and eventually even the glass cellar to help others, if only you decide to empower yourself by acting the way you want to act, not the way someone else wants you to.

Commit to it, and you can conquer the world and live a happy life – be it in a boardroom, in the family home, or a combination of both.

Find your inner warrior, unleash her, and show the world what you are capable of, as a businesswoman, as a mother and wife, or as anything else you want to be. Because, in the end, the only thing that matters is that you live your life according to your script, not someone else’s.

All the best for International Women’s Day, ladies. I’m looking forward to seeing you take numbers and kick asses!

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